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Cutting steel

Bespoke Metal Fabrication Services

Specialist Fabrications

We combine years of expertise and experience with creativity and a commitment to continuous improvement to provide expert metal fabrication services.

For over 35 years, we have provided quality fabrication and assembly services to businesses and individuals in and around Rotherham. Our services include shearing and rolling. Our dedication to exceptional workmanship and attention to detail means that we consistently deliver reliable and well-made products for a variety of projects.

After an in-depth consultation to thoroughly understand your requirements and how best to meet them, our team of expert metal fabricators will fabricate your product for you using only the best quality materials and techniques. Our emphasis on detail and customer satisfaction allows us to consistently offer high-quality and affordable solutions. Our customers come from a variety of industries including material handling, utilities and construction and we provide each with a bespoke solution. We are driven to provide exceptional metal fabrication with careful attention to detail and an emphasis on quality and reliability. We work with a wide variety of metals including aluminum and mild steel.

Our bespoke metal fabrication services are suitable for a variety of industries including healthcare, food processing, utilities and construction.

Need flexibility and attention to detail when it comes to your next project? We are here to help. In addition to our sheet metal fabrication service, we offer professional welding and specialised stainless steel fabrication. Whether you are looking for structural steel beams, gates or railings, get in touch today to find out more about the tailored service we can provide you with.

Why Choose Parkway Sheet Metal Works Ltd?

Over 35 years of experience

Our experience is reflected in our know-how and the quality of our workmanship.

Exceptional Quality

We are dedicated to providing quality products each and every time. To achieve this, we use only the best materials and the most suitable techniques for your design.

Bespoke Service

Our Sheet Metal Fabrication service is tailored to your specifications. We will manufacture and assemble your product to match your design and specifications.

Contact us today to find out how our fabrication and assembly services can contribute to your next project.

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